User Definable Data

Absent Voter types


Define your own types of Absentee Voter:  Permanent, Overseas, Military, as you need.

Ballot Styles



VRM Supports multiple Counties

Ballot Delivery Site Types


Nursing Home, Hospital, etc.

Ballot Delivery Site


Track the info you need for delivery and processing of ballots to hospitals or nursing homes

District Types


Aldermanic, Congressional, County Supervisor, etc., with user-options



Assign a Type, District Number, Description, Contacts

Election Types


Spring / Fall Primary, General Election, Special Recall, as required.

Voter Id types


Driver’s License, Water Bill, Student Id, Social Security No, as you wish.




Define, save, re-use messages that you want to print on letters or post cards.

Name Suffixes


Define your own name suffixes, like Senior, Junior, and others

Polling Places

Registration Methods


Clerk’s Office, Mail, Polling Place, others if you’d like, with options that determine how the program will take data from the operator.

Street Names


Ensure that only valid Street names are used

Street Guide


Maintain your database of Streets, House Number Ranges, Sides: Even/Odd/Both, and the Ward/District combinations you use.

Voter Services


Absent Voter Ballot Request, Label Printing (send & receive), Registration, Verification, and others.

Voter Status


Active, Inactive, Deceased, Moved Out, New, Verify, as you require

Verification Batches


Define batches by date and type for the mailing of Verification cards.



Define all Wards and Ward / District combinations

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