Print Documents

Voter Reg Manager™ prepares the smart documents you need.
Documents that have scannable barcodes to increase accuracy and effeciency.
Reduce the time it takes to prepare and process documents.

Poll Lists  - with Barcodes                    


 VRM prepares and prints Poll Lists in several Groupings:

  by Ward, District, At Large, Ballot Delivery Site

And in 2 Formats:

   Alphabetically or by Street, House Number, and Alpha

    Our Poll Lists are human-readable, too!
      Large, clear, bold print makes our lists Easy to Read

Absentee Voter Ballot Labels              


    1in x 2 5/8 in   - 30 labels per page

    2in x 4in         -  10 labels per page


Print 2 labels per Voter:  1 to send, 1 for the Return.
The Return label is barcoded for easy processing.

Voter Mailings - on post cards              


Create your own messages, put those messages on Post Cards.
Print postcards on your Laser or Ink-Jet Printer or
Export data to e-mail to your favorite printing / mailing vendor.
Again, Bar Codes make it easy to process returning documents.

Absent Voter Ballot Manifests


Print a list of all Absentee Voter Ballots received, by Polling Place, and deliver a complete manifest with the ballots

Street Guide with Polling Places


Need to have a Street Guide with applicable Polling Places in a place that may not have a computer?  Print a complete list that can be used at non-computerized stations.

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