System Highlights

Unlimited Voter History.


If you have the disk space, we can store it.

Voter info window shows all pertinent data at a glance

Multiple Voter Addresses


Track those ‘snow-birds’ easily.
VRM provides for separate Legal and Mailing addresses.

Fast Voter History Updates


Bar Coded Poll Lists make posting fast and reliable


Special maintenance routines make it easy to post changes


If the voter Registered at the Poll, you can update history with a click.

Easy and Quick Absentee Voter Ballot processing


Process Absentee Labels in easy Batches


Process Absentee Ballot Receipts quickly

Logging of all Voter Service Events:


Voter Registration


Prepare Mailing Label for Absentee Ballot & Assign Ballot Number


Receipt of Absentee Ballot:    OK, Re-Service, Invalid


Prepare Mailing Label or Post Card for Verification or Purges


Receipt of Verification or Purge cards

Single or Multiple House numbers


Got homes with 2 House Numbers?  like W944 N14213  Pioneer Rd.
We can handle it while keeping it simple for those who don’t.
VRM automatically changes to accommodate your needs.

Optional Street Guide feature


No street guide?  Your old street guide data is bad?  Optionally turn off the Automatic setting, and the system will allow you to set Ward and Districts manually.

Any combination of Wards and Districts

Export data:


Export Voter History, Voter Names, any data in any combination, including mailing lists and labels.

“Where do I vote?”


Ask them their House No and Street, tell them where they vote.

Special Logs show you changes in
Voter Status and Absent Voter Type


Know when a Voter’s status changed to Moved Away, for instance


View when a Voter was became a Permanent Absentee, or when they were  Temporarily Absentees, and when they may have changed back to Not Absent.

Update Voter Registration info with a few clicks.

View Voter History, Absent Status Changes, Voter Services, with a single click.

Scan for Active or Inactive Voters


Scan by Activity since a Date, by Date Added, by Registration Method

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